API User management

Identify existing Users

Identify the users that exist in application-
Collecting lists of Users is easy using the "List Users in a Group" API function. Pass the service the Group you are attempting to manage (AGENT, COMPANY_ADMIN) and the result set will be all users and attributes that exist for that group.

Managing Users

Creating or managing users is accomplished using any of the functions listed in our Users API.

Get User
Uses external_user_id as input and results in a full user object. This data is NOT limited to just internal users and can also be used to locate consumer data tied to a specific Streem call.

Create User
POST operation allowing creation of an Agent/Admin in the Streem tool

  • Email address: Email address must be UNIQUE for the company code being updated. Email must be properly formed email address will be used as an account identifier but will ALSO be used to send invitation and password details to your newly created user.
  • Name: Name as it should be presented in the account ("Thomas N." vs "Thomas Newuser")
  • User_type: This should always be USER_TYPE_LOGIN. Other values exist but are not used at this time.
  • Groups - Use right group, AGENT or COMPANY_ADMIN. Other variations of rights may be available in the future.

Activate and Deactivate users
These POST commands have no additional parameters and simply change the boolean active : true | false status for a given user_sid.

Update User
PATCH operation that allows the editing of one or more User values.
Patch requires access to the user_sid (not to be confused with the external_user_id)
updates can be made to the name, email, phone, avatar_url, or rights group

  • NOTE: email addresses are distinct, so attempting to update a User Email address to an email already on record for this company will result in a failure.

Deleting Users

Deleting users is not an available action at this time due to the deep connections to calls and activities in application. Deactivating a user is the best path for removing a user from active use.