Generating Share URLs via REST API

Share URLs allow you provide a link to the details of a Room, without requiring login. They can be stored in external systems of record, allowing easy access to recordings, streemshots, notes, and other information captured during a call.

You can easily generate Share URLs from within the Streem App using the Share Icon in the upper right corner. However, this requires users to perform steps manually. If you want to automatically generate a URL for a Room and store it in your own system, you can use the REST API.

Using the REST API to Generate a Share URL

  • Obtain a Room SID. This is the string id that takes the form rm_abc123...
    • If you use the reference_id field when creating rooms, you can search for the rooms via GET /v1/rooms?reference_id={id}, as described in Streem API basics
  • Create a Share Token for the room using the Create Room Share Token API Method
  • Grab the share_token.share_url value from the response
  • You now have a URL that can be shared and stored in your system