PII data removal process

PII data removal is a big deal. When a consumer wants data removed, we take it seriously. With that stated, YOUR relationship with the Customer is also important. Streem will follow an explicit process for Data removal ensuring that we are meeting or exceeding our legal obligation.

At this time, Requests to remove data will be handled through our Support ticketing process. This will be extended in the future as we evolve and allow for more seamless interactions. We appreciate your patience as Streem (and the entire industry) adopts these new workflows.

Please work with our account management team so we can understand the Team members or resources which will request removal on behalf of your company.

  • In these conversations, we need to collect an email address which can be used to forward PII requests to your team in the event that a Customer bypasses your PII process and attempts to come directly to Streem.
  • We will route these Customers to you without actioning their request.


Omit All PII from PII removal requests

Streem will not accept any removal requests which also contain PII data. This complicates our process by forcing us to retain PII in tickets which may still be retained in Audits or other programmatic requests. Requests which include this data will be returned as uncompletable.

Requesting data removal

Requests for PII removal will be received from as TICKETS in our Zendesk system.

Visit: https://support.streem.com/ and select "Submit a Request" in the top right.

DO NOT mix and match data.
To ensure that we are able to ensure your requests are Successful, Each PII Removal request should be DISTINCT ensuring that one request matches to one Customer PII Removal request.

Data to Include in the ticket:

  • Response Email Address for Removal Request
  • Subject Line should always begin with "PII Removal Request - {{Parent Company Name}} {{ReferenceID Number Optional}}"
    PII removal subject should always contain your Parent Company Name. If you are have an ID Number that is used to correlate this Removal to other tools, systems, or audit functions, please include that reference ID here.
  • Description: Please reiterate Parent Company Name, Reference ID.
    To identify the data you would like removed, DO NOT include PII, phone numbers or other data. Instead, provide Streem with the Room numbers that you would like to have redacted from our system. By supplying the Room number, we can uniquely identify and remove data without continuing to propagate sensitive details in logs or audit data. Room numbers are the Key identifier used to identify each Call Log record and is sourced from your original PII Data request/response
  • On the field 'Who is experiencing the issue' select: 'System Processing Request'
  • Company URL - please enter your parent company url.. This will include the company code used in your original PII data request via API.
  • Attachments: Please refrain from supplying any attachments as this will significantly increase the possibility of accidentally passing PII data back into the workflow.

Our development team will action the request as soon as possible and supply back responses via our ticketing system to ensure completion in a timely manner.